Sex During Menstruation

Many people have found it hard to have sex during menstruation. It is often seen as taboo, or unsanitary. Some people question if it is safe and how enjoyable it would actually be. Women often fear the idea of how messy the situation can be and are worried it might be a turnoff to their partner. However, research has shown that sex during menstruation is very safe, and does offer some health benefits. Below you will find some great reasons why sex during menstruation time is something that couple’s should try.

Pregnancy is something that always has to be considered when thinking about sex. However, during menstruation time a woman does not have to worry about getting pregnant at all. During menstruation, the uterine walls are sloughing off. Therefore, implantation of a fertilized egg is uncommon. More so, ovulation kicks in on the seventh day after menstruation stops. So the chances of having a viable ovum during this time are very minimal. However, women with shorter menstrual cycles should be cautious because ovulation is different than with women with longer periods. For them, sex at the end of menstruation can possibly result in pregnancy.

Despite the messiness that comes along with menstruation, it can be a great idea to still have sex during this time. Sexual arousal for women is very high during this time, and sex during menstruation is definitely still pleasurable. Sex also acts as a pain reliever for cramping, and uterine contractions caused by orgasms help to speed up expulsion of the sloughing endometrium. The result is a less painful menstruation cycle which lasts for a shorter amount of time.

During menstruation, the menstrual bleeding acts as a lubricant during sex. For a woman to enjoy sex, she must be well lubricated. A well-lubrication translates to successful arousal. Thus, during menstruation sex is pleasurable as well as economical since no lubricants are needed.

At the end of the day, sex is a basic need in marriage. This does not change during menstruation time. It is upon the partners to know that menstruation is a regular part of life. Thus, it is advisable to devise a way to go about still having sex. However, if you are skeptical or just want to avoid having sex during this time you could always hire an escort from for your partner. An escort would be happy to take care of any sexual needs that need to be fulfilled.

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